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Reality Television


Reality TV is rise more and more in the last years. The first Reality TV which actually wasn’t called Reality show yet. It was just called “documentary was aired on PBS in 1973 and it name was “An American Family “.

It was just supposed to show the daily life of the family, just people “being themselves.” 


Since then Reality Television seems to be a strong trend that attracts TV audience.

Reality TV shows are so alluring as they provide comfort to us viewers. Reality TV shows hook their viewers and cause them to feel as if they actually know the people that they are watching.


Lots of reality shows prefer to film abroad and choose different countries every season. So one year they visit South Africa while the other year they come to Greece and it goes like this every year in order to give their viewers the most awesome show.


Greece is one of the main destinations for filming reality shows thus it can offer stunning locations all over the country, a rich variety of luxury villas to host the candidates, sea and mountain activities, nightlife, good weather almost all year, a safe environment, competitive prices, rich culture and history,a unique food culture,a good transportation network that connects all the country but on the top, all the above Greece is a  Mediterranean country with friendly people that offers hospitality and welcome all the foreign crews.


GRFixer the last three years has been the local production company that seven well-known reality shows choose as their partner in order to organize their shootings in Greece.


in 2018 Occupation Double from Canada as well Bachelor Suomi from Warner Bross filmed in Greece in cooperation with GRFixer.

in 2019 Undercover Girlfriends from ITV Network UK - Channel 5 cooperate with GRFixer while a very famous Belgian  travel action reality show  called De Mol choosed GRFixer as their line producers.In 2020 the Real Housewives of Cheshire a famous British reality show based on the Real Housewives franchise filmed some of their episodes in Athens in cooperation with GRFixer company, despite covid restrictions Pekin Express  one of the most famous realitys ,a DutchFlemish reality game show that follows a series of couples as they hitchhike filmed in Greece in cooperation with GRfixer while Married at first side a Belgium romance reality show filmed in Crete by having GRFixer team at their side. In 2021 Bachelorette for Swiss Chanel filmed  in Crete for one month, Bachelor from Belgium filmed in Porto Xeli in Pelloponese and the Belgium reality Viva la Feta filmed in Sifnos ,GRFixer was the local production company.


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