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Reasons for shooting
Greece is based in a unique position!
In between two different worlds Europe and Asia.
Thus it combines amazing locations, different mentalities, traditions, rituals and lifestyles which coexisting in a country where the weather conditions are totally great!
Having a shot in Greece can offer you
-Daylight from 9 to 14 hours.Sunlight almost all year.
-A convenient location close to the most European Capitals, a small country with an excellent transport network!
-BREATHTAKING LOCATIONS From classical Athens and the mountainous hinterland to its 6000 islands, the whole of Greece is a natural stage set for audio-visual productions and provides a vast range of landscapes: picturesque traditional villages, unique islands, amazing beaches, forests, snow-capped mountains, hot springs, canyons, volcanoes, and barren expanses. An infinity of choice for location managers.
An amazing Greek light that has inspired directors and DoPs from all over the world.
A Greek spirit that charm every visitor.
-Greek hospitality, Greek food and Greek lifestyle full of excitement!
ECONOMIC INCENTIVES Law 4487/2017, which was recently passed by the Greek Parliament, implements a 35% cash rebate (40% as of August 2020) to cover part of the eligible costs of national and international audio-visual productions (films, documentaries, television series, animations, video games). A minimum of €100,000 has been set for eligible expenses incurred in Greece. The maximum amount of funding via cash rebate has been set at €5,000,000. It will be in effect in 2018.
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