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Funny stories with hamsters... were filmed in Greece

Working with Ralf Rudolf Moeller was a wonderful experience i have to admit.He is a world acclaimed actor as well former mr Universe .He remain though very calm and react very kindly to challenges... Especially the moment that he had to be like a "real" hamster under the Greek sun of 35 degrees celsius!

It was summer of 2020 when GRFixer team received a request from a TV production company based in Berlin that producing a famous German Saturday night show called “Das Duell um die Welt – Team Joko gegen Team Klaas”.In this show they send celebrities around the world to fulfill thrilling and funny tasks.

This time they wanted to film in Greece a very funny story...where Ralf Moeller was the protagonist of this challenge. GRFixer team had a big challenge to find the proper locations ,the right actors and an old -rusty DCV car ,so this funny story can become a real good image for the German audience.

And here we are 5 months later November 2020 the episode was on air in Prosieben Television Network.It was the strongest episode the last 6 years for this show and the strongest show for the evening that was on air among other shows. Great success!!

You can watch it here!

If you want to film in Greece and you want you movie and/or your tv show to have a great success ,dont hestitage to contact GRFixer! We can be your fixers in Greece! We offer world class production services in Greece for world class shows!

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