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Reality Television is good for the soul!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We have to admit that is been a pleasure to watch reality shows all those years.

Is maybe one of the best ways to escape reality , to distract you from your own problems for a while.

It always leaves you with a good sense and laughing.

Reality Television is a form of entertemaint that doesn't take so much effort. Reality TV characters are actually simple people that you can relate to them.

But what i love is that more and more most of the Reality Shows choose different countries around the world to film their episodes.

So in each seazon you can see and meet different countries through their episodes.

Recently Greece has been a very popular country for filming and one of the first choices among the countries that foreign production companies choose to film their reality shows.

GRFixer the last three years has been the local production services company that eight awarded-famous reality shows choose as their partner in order to organize their shootings in Greece.

in 2018 Occupation Double from Canada as well Bachelor Suomi from Warner Bross filmed in Greece in cooperation with GRFixer. They choose Crete and Mykonos for their episodes. Occupation Double filmed all the episodes in Crete/ Greece so seazon 2018 of Occupation was in Greece while Bachelor choose Mykonos/ Greece for the last episodes of the show while the first episodes were filmed in Turkey.

in 2019 Undercover Girlfriends from ITV Network UK - Channel 5 cooperate with GRFixer and filmed two series of their show in Rhodes island /Greece while a very famous Belgian travel , action reality show called De Mol -"The Mole" choosed GRFixer as their line producers to organize their shooting in Greece where they film the whole seazon of the show in 12 different locations .They choose amazing places all over Greece from the North to the south part.The whole mainland.And also in Ferbuary 2020 the famous Reality Show "The Real Housewives of Cheshire" filmed in Athens three epsiodes of their seazon 2020. Summer 2020 Pekin Express an amazing adventure show was filmed in Greece in various different locations in South and North Greece,GRFixer was the country producer for this show . October 2020 Married at first show a very interesting social reality from Belgium was filmed in Crete with the assistance of GRFixer crew.

While in spring 2021 Warner Bross from Germany filmed Die Bachelorette for Swiss TV Chanel in Crete for one month, GRFixer was the local production service company they choose to coorparate for their show.

Reality TV will be more and more popular for the audiences in the future and Greece is one of the best destination in the world that can offer to a Reality show amazing footage! GRFixer team has a great experience for organizing reality shows and thus can be your local partner , you fixer in Greece! your local production services company in Greece!

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