"Sometimes you remember more about the location where you shot the film than the film itself 

Max von Sydow 

Photos Copywrights Sotiria Malatesta

GR Fixer is a dynamic European company based in Greece that can cover your production needs in Greece, in Cyprus, and in North Makedonia. It is run by Jacqueline Dassyra who is a highly experienced producer, fixer, researcher who works in the film industry for the last 20 years in different countries all over the world. Jacqueline has worked in different positions on set all these years such as line producer, production manager, production coordinator, casting director, talent coordinator, AD, location manager, fixer, researcher thus she able to organize a successful shooting with her experienced and effective team!

Productions Services

GRFixer aim is to make filming in Greece an enjoyable experience for every filmmaker. Can be your on-site researchers help you to develop story ideas, research stories, suggest locations, offer recommendations for hotels, advise on best and most cost-efficient means of transport.

GRFixer is here to negotiate local bureaucracy for you. Can advise you on whether you will need a film permit, fill in all necessary forms for you, and arrange payment of fees. Can arrange location transport for your crew. GRFixer works with DoPs and Directors throughout Greece and Italy! Can assemble a professional English-speaking crew for you. Source equipment to find the best and most cost-effective solutions. Pass on its recommendations – not a mark-up! Because you pay directly to the supplier, you get a fair price for the best service.

GRFixer will be your partner from the pitch, throughout the shoot and all the way to the wrap!



Reasons for shooting


Greece is based in a unique position!


In between two different worlds Europe and Asia.

Thus it combines amazing locations, different mentalities ,traditions,rituals and life styles which coexisting in a country where theweather conditions are totally great!




Those are the locations we have filmed until now. We have a very strong network all over Greece, Cyprus and North Makedonia to cover your production needs.


Athens - Piraeus





Eidomeni - Kilkis

Prespa Lake





Zagori Villages

Korfos Korinthos

Sparti - Peloponnese

Mani - Peloponnese

Messini Peloponnese

Kalamata Peloponnese

Corinth Canal

Mytiline Island

Chios Island

Ikaria island-Blue zone




Delphi -Arahova





Ancient Olympia

Kos island

Rhodes Island

Sumi Island

Corfu Island

Olynthos halkidiki




Buffer Zone 

North Makedonia




  and much more are coming...



GR Fixer is cooperating with crews from all over the world. A short list of our clients from Japan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria,Italy, UK, Belgium,France, Spain, Sweden, Finland ,Turkey, Abu Dabhi and Dubai.

Reality Television



Recent Posts

What our clients said


«She was essential to our shoot in Greece in the Autumn of 2019. We needed to film at several historical sites in Crete and Santorini at the busiest time of year. She sorted the extensive paperwork and even negotiated significant discounts on their fees. She also sourced actors and organized very tricky travel between and around Islands for a large demanding crew and provided fabulous PA's. A total pleasure to be around and very focused on her tasks. I would highly recommend her to anyone filming in Greece ”

Producer · Alice Borrelli



«We have worked alongside Jackie Dassyra as a fixer on a number of projects including Channel 5’s ‘Undercover Girlfriends’ series 1 - 3 as well as ITV’s ‘Julia Bradbury’s Greek Islands’. Jackie is an absolute dream to work with, she is professional and hardworking. Her communication is excellent and she will go above and beyond to complete any task you provide her. Jackie’s contacts as well as knowledge is a huge asset to any production and she makes the any task simple with her positive attitude. We will certainly look forward to working with Jackie again and would highly recommend Jackie to any other production.”


Twofour Broadcast · Lucy Gosling




Contact us

Don't hesitate to contact us for any big or small question, or a project that you might have.


jackie[@]grfixer.com  |  Tel:+44-208-089-6078

+30 6957 462 833

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